About Us

Welcome to Cashay, where the art of ballroom dance meets exquisite fashion design. At the heart of our brand is Nadia Goodwin, a visionary designer who brings over 30 years of expertise to the creation of ballroom dance costumes and jewelry.

Nadia’s journey in the world of dancewear began three decades ago, driven by a passion for dance and an eye for beauty. Over the years, she has crafted stunning costumes for ladies in the United States and beyond, specializing in both Smooth and Latin styles. Her designs are not just garments; they are a celebration of movement and elegance, tailored to the unique needs of each dancer.

What sets Nadia apart in this industry is her dedication to custom creations. Understanding that every dancer is unique, she designs dresses that do more than just look beautiful. They are engineered to accentuate the strengths of the wearer, while gracefully addressing any concerns. This thoughtful approach has earned Nadia a loyal customer base who deeply appreciate how her costumes enhance their performance and confidence on the dance floor.

At Cashay, we believe in offering quality without compromise. Unlike many vendors, Nadia ensures that her designs are not only stunning but also accessible. Operating from her home studio, she focuses on the art of design without the burden of excessive overheads. This means no unnecessary costs are passed on to you, making Cashay’s offerings a blend of luxury and value.

Nadia’s approach is personal. She does not routinely hire workers, preferring instead to imbue each piece with her personal touch and decades of experience. This means when you choose a Cashay costume, you are choosing a piece that has been lovingly crafted by Nadia herself, from concept to completion.

Discover the difference at Cashay

Where each step you take on the dance floor is enhanced by the beauty and craftsmanship of Nadia Goodwin’s designs.



At Cashay, we specialize in bringing your dance vision to life with our custom-made ballroom dance costumes, men’s dance shirts, and exquisite ballroom dance jewelry. Each piece is crafted with precision and flair to ensure you shine on the dance floor. Our tailor-made approach allows us to create designs that fit your style, performance needs, and personal preferences perfectly

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