Introducing Clea, a captivating Latin ballroom dance costume thoughtfully crafted for sizes 10-12. Designed with a keen eye for elegance and a focus on creating a slimming effect, Clea seamlessly blends style and fun for the dance floor. The dress features intelligent drapes and pleating that not only enhance the visual appeal but also contribute to a flattering silhouette.

Clea stands out with its dazzling copper-colored sequins and a cutting-edge crystal design that introduces a spectrum of colors to captivate the viewer. Turquoise, blue, and crystal stones further embellish the dress, creating a dynamic interplay of hues. The back of Clea continues the artful draping, maintaining the dress’s slimming appearance while adding an extra touch of sophistication. Step into the spotlight with Clea, where innovation meets classic charm, making every dance a celebration of style and grace.

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