Introducing Cyra, a spellbinding professional ballroom dress designed for sizes 4-6. This captivating ensemble features a pristine white body that exudes elegance, while the mesmerizing blue ombre skirt gracefully transitions to a pure white at the hem. Cyra comes to life with an added touch of versatility through detachable floats, mirroring the enchanting ombre effect for a dynamic dance experience.

The body of the dress is a visual masterpiece, adorned with swirling lines of pearls and high-quality European crystals. The combination of different-sized pearls and crystals creates an almost hypnotizing effect, ensuring all eyes are on you as you gracefully move across the dance floor. Elevate your performance with the allure of Cyra, where artistry and movement converge in a breathtaking dance ensemble. Contact us about this ballroom dress for more information.

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