Introducing our handmade ballroom dress, a symphony of elegance and extravagance that promises to captivate the dance floor. Tailored with meticulous care, this exquisite gown fits sizes 10 – 12 and boasts a combination of pearls, large crystals, and thousands of crystal rhinestones, creating a dazzling tapestry that shimmers with every movement.

The detachable floats add an extra layer of sophistication, allowing you to command attention with grace and drama. The nude-colored top, adorned so fully with intricate detailing, not only adds a touch of allure but also serves as the perfect canvas to accentuate the purity of the snow-white skirt.

Indulge in the opulence of this dress as you step into the limelight, where every twirl and spin becomes a mesmerizing display of artistry. This isn’t just a ballroom dress; it’s a celebration of craftsmanship, luxury, and the joy of dance. Elevate your performance with a gown that is as extraordinary and unique as your every step.

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