Sabrina is not just a costume; it’s a work of art for the bold and the brave. Tailored for sizes 6-8, this professional ballroom Latin dance dress is a kaleidoscope of design elements that demand attention.

The costume’s palette is a daring mix of orange, yellow, and black, creating a visual feast that’s both vibrant and sophisticated. A large yellow braid makes a dramatic journey across the dress, starting from the left shoulder, curving gracefully to the right, and then cascading back to the left, culminating in a playful tassel of yellow fringe near the skirt’s hem.

This same yellow fringe dances over the all-orange skirt, adding movement and a touch of whimsy to your every step. The dress is further embellished with crystals of many colors, each following the braid’s curve, contributing to the costume’s dynamic and multi-dimensional appearance.

Large pear-shaped stones of various hues are thoughtfully placed throughout, echoing the costume’s central design theme while adding an extra layer of luxury and depth.

Sabrina is a statement piece for the dancer who is unafraid to be different, to be daring, and to stand out from the crowd. It’s for the performer who owns the dance floor with confidence and isn’t shy about making a bold, unforgettable impression. With Sabrina, you’re not just performing; you’re declaring your presence with originality and flair.

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