Unleash your inner wildness on the dance floor with Tiger, a professional ballroom Latin dance dress sized for the fierce competitor in sizes 2-6. This dress is a bold statement piece that combines the untamed beauty of leopard prints with the luxurious sparkle of crystals and fringe.

The top of the dress features a leopard animal print on lycra, setting a daring and playful tone. Complementing this is another layer of leopard print in lace for the skirt, adding texture and depth to the design. An oval section of skin-colored lace adorns the left side, with large turquoise stones tracing this elegant shape, creating a stunning visual contrast.

The top is further embellished with a rich scattering of gold and turquoise stones, ensuring that you shine from every angle. Around the waist, a lavish array of turquoise fringe mingles with gold micro sequin fringe, adding movement and a touch of glamour with every step you take.

The top right of the dress is accented with the same gold micro sequin fringe, following the costume’s opening and paired with darker brown glass fringe for an added layer of sophistication.

The back of the dress reveals a large tiger head tattoo on nude mesh, a powerful symbol of strength and grace that covers the upper back above the skirt line. This striking detail is surrounded by a mix of brown, turquoise, and crystal AB crystals, which cascade down the back, ensuring that your presence is felt even as you turn away.

Tiger is more than just a dress; it’s an embodiment of confidence and allure. It’s designed for the dancer who is ready to make a bold statement and captivate the audience with a performance that’s as fierce and unforgettable as the tiger itself. With Tiger, you’re not just dancing; you’re commanding the stage with primal elegance.

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