Antionette is a captivating professional ballroom Latin dance dress that playfully toys with the duality of character, designed for sizes 2-4. This dress is a sartorial expression of the classic “good girl” or “bad girl” persona, allowing you to reveal different facets of your personality on the dance floor.

The left side of the dress is crafted from shimmering red burgundy velvet, featuring a chic lapel design that gives the illusion of a sophisticated jacket. This side exudes elegance and poise, perfect for showcasing your refined dance moves.

In contrast, the right side is a bold and sleeveless burgundy lycra, adorned with a large crystal broach and a generous sprinkling of crystals that catch the light with every movement. This side represents the daring and adventurous spirit, ready to make a statement with its sparkle and shine.

The right side is further enhanced with gold micro sequin fringe and an abundance of flat fringe covered in crystals, adding a dynamic and playful element to the dress.

The back of the dress seamlessly continues the front’s intriguing design, featuring an open back that adds an air of allure and freedom, inviting the audience to guess which side of the story you’ll tell next.

Antionette is more than just a dress; it’s a narrative woven into fabric and crystals. It’s designed for the dancer who embraces both grace and audacity, and who isn’t afraid to stand out with a performance that’s as multifaceted as the dress itself. With Antionette, you’re not just dancing; you’re telling a tale of contrast and charisma.

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