Introducing “Pala,” a one-of-a-kind handmade Latin dance costume crafted for ballroom competitions in sizes 6-8. This distinctive ensemble features a leopard fabric top adorned with a dazzling array of Capri blue, sapphire AB, Montana, and Crystal AB crystals, creating a mesmerizing and bold statement on the dance floor.

The uniqueness of “Pala” extends to its wrap-around skirt, elegantly connected to the top by a deep blue belt. The belt is a masterpiece in itself, completely covered in crystals and showcasing a large crystal design where the skirt meets the belt. Adding to the allure, pure silk tassels gracefully surround the bottom of the skirt and the wrap portion in the front, creating dynamic movement and enhancing the visual impact of each dance step.

Make a powerful and unforgettable impression with “Pala,” a Latin dance costume that seamlessly blends sophistication, creativity, and craftsmanship, ensuring you stand out as a true star in the world of ballroom competitions.

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