Introducing “Dani,” a captivating handmade Latin dance costume tailored for ballroom competitions in sizes 4-6. This all-white ensemble transcends elegance with its intricate details. Adorned with 3-dimensional white embroidered appliques, embellished with a myriad of multi-color crystals, “Dani” is a symphony of sophistication.

The dress features a unique design element—an open cross pattern of squares sweeping diagonally across the front. Paired with the delicate interplay of glass and micro sequin fringe, this costume is a true work of art, destined to command attention on the dance floor.

Not every dancer can effortlessly don a white dress, but for those who can, “Dani” promises to be a true stunner. Elevate your ballroom performance with the grace and glamour that “Dani” brings to the dance, making each step a celebration of style and poise.

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