Introducing “Nala,” a sizzling handmade Latin dance costume designed for ballroom competitions in sizes 6-8. This hot red ensemble is a showstopper, featuring a celestial Milky Way of crystals that runs from the right shoulder to the left leg, creating a striking visual journey across the dress.

The left top of the dress is adorned with a captivating pattern of additional red crystals, adding depth and allure to the design. Adding to the drama, “Nala” comes complete with a tail that extends down from the Milky Way of crystals, enhancing the dynamics of your movements on the dance floor.

The allure of “Nala” extends to its back, where a daring open design adds a touch of sensuality. The Milky Way design continues downward on the back of the skirt, ensuring that every angle is a mesmerizing display of artistry and style. Make a bold statement with “Nala,” a Latin dance costume that embodies passion, creativity, and the art of movement in every step.

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