Immerse yourself in the allure of Undina, a professional ballroom Latin dance dress designed for sizes 8-10. This teal masterpiece is a celebration of curves and sparkle, adorned with an abundance of blue, turquoise, and crystal AB crystals that follow a flowing design, reminiscent of the ocean’s waves.

The costume features skin-colored lycra at the heart of the top and along the sides, providing a seamless illusion that enhances the natural contours of your body. Each section is meticulously decorated with gold crystals, adding a touch of luxury and a subtle contrast that highlights the teal’s richness.

The skirt is a spectacle of movement, with multiple rows of teal fringe that create a full, dynamic effect. As you dance, the fringe moves with you, creating a mesmerizing visual that captures the fluidity and grace of your performance.

Undina is more than a dress; it’s a statement of elegance and poise. It’s designed for the dancer who commands the stage with confidence and captivates the audience with every twirl and dip. With Undina, you’re not just performing; you’re embodying the spirit of the dance.

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