Introducing the Arlan – a professional ballroom Latin dance costume that embodies the essence of performance art. Designed for the dancer who commands attention, this size 6-8 masterpiece is a testament to the allure of quality craftsmanship.

The Arlan is not just a costume; it’s a statement. Its substantial feel is a clear indicator of the thousands of crystal and glass elements meticulously adorned to ensure you shine on the dance floor. Each movement ignites a brilliant display, as the high-quality European crystals and high-quality glass pieces catch and reflect every light, creating a spectacle of dazzling firework.

At the heart of the Arlan is a striking blue mesh that graces the upper chest, lavishly embellished with an array of high-quality European crystals. A distinctive V-shaped white design stripe, densely packed with more crystals and large, pear-shaped high-quality European crystal elements, draws the eye and accentuates the dancer’s movements.

Following the V’s path, a fringe of black onyx glass adds a dynamic texture, moving with grace and fluidity. The white stripe extends into a geometric pattern, encircled by a dense layer of crystals that envelop the dress in a halo of light.

The skirt’s hem is adorned with additional onyx glass fringe, completing the front design with a touch of elegance. Turning around reveals an open back, where the design elements continue, ensuring that the Arlan captivates from every angle.

Step into the Arlan and feel the weight of its beauty – a costume designed not just to be worn, but to be experienced. With the Arlan, every performance is transformed into a moment of pure, crystalline magic.

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