Unleash your inner wild elegance with the Kaya, a professional ballroom Latin dance costume that’s as fierce as it is dazzling. Crafted for sizes 0-2, this ensemble is a celebration of bold patterns and brilliant sparkle.

The Kaya is fashioned from animal print lycra, infused with a generous amount of gold glitter that catches the light with every movement, creating a mesmerizing effect on the dance floor. The top features a tasteful nude lycra panel, which serves as a canvas for an array of large pear-shaped high-quality European crystals in striking shades of gold, turquoise, and dark blue. These jewels are strategically placed to enhance the costume’s visual impact and the dancer’s allure.

Turning to the back, the Kaya reveals its most captivating feature: an open back design where all straps are ingeniously interconnected, forming a web of elegance that’s both functional and stylish. This design element is not just structural; it’s a showcase, adorned with a dazzling collection of multi-colored stones that draw the eye and captivate the audience.

The design flows seamlessly onto the skirt, where the theme of interconnected beauty continues. A line of turquoise crystals traces the bottom hem, adding a final touch of color and continuity to the costume.

The Kaya is more than just a dress; it’s a statement of confidence and grace. With its dynamic design and opulent details, this costume ensures that you’ll be the center of attention, embodying the spirit of the dance with every step you take.

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