Unleash the power of the wild with Tola, a professional ballroom Latin dance dress for sizes 6-8 that embodies the fierce spirit of the tiger. This dress is a bold statement, with a design that roars as loudly as its namesake.

The front of the dress features a striking tiger motif that sweeps across from the right shoulder, with the majestic head appearing on the left leg. This powerful imagery is sure to captivate the audience and set the stage for a performance filled with intensity and passion.

The right leg above the knee is enveloped in a red athletic mesh, each square connection highlighted with a red crystal, adding a touch of fiery elegance to the costume. The top left shoulder is adorned with a collection of large red pear-shaped stones, creating a focal point that draws the eye and accentuates your movements.

Adding to the drama, red glass fringe cascades in this area, reflecting the light with every step and spin, enhancing the costume’s dynamic presence on the dance floor.

Tola is designed with an almost sideless silhouette, presenting a very open costume from the back above the waist, which adds an element of daring allure and freedom of movement. A single red mesh glove completes the ensemble, providing a finishing touch that’s both stylish and functional.

With Tola, you’re not just wearing a costume; you’re making a statement. It’s for the dancer who is bold, confident, and ready to command the stage with a presence as unforgettable as the tiger’s roar.

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