Discover the enchantment of Narnia, a professional ballroom Latin dance dress tailored for sizes 6-8. This costume is a work of art, blending the allure of skin-toned lycra with the vibrant energy of turquoise and crystal AB crystals.

The top of the dress features a skin-colored lycra base, providing a seamless look that accentuates your natural grace. Adorning this are two lines of embroidered appliqués, richly decorated with an abundance of turquoise and crystal AB crystals, creating a stunning visual effect that sparkles with every step.

Strategically placed around the top are large pear-shaped blue stones and deep blue pearls, intricately embedded into the design. These elements add depth and a touch of regal elegance to the costume, ensuring you look and feel like dance floor royalty.

The skirt is crafted from shimmering lycra, designed with multiple slits that invite playful movement and flirtatious flair. As you move, the fabric catches the light, highlighting your every motion with a subtle glimmer.

Tassels add a whimsical touch to the short sleeves and serve as the main connection on the back, bringing a sense of fun and freedom to the dress. The back mirrors the front’s exquisite design, with the addition of some clear large stones for an extra dose of glamour.

Narnia is not just a dress; it’s a statement of sophistication and playfulness. It’s the perfect companion for the dancer who seeks to captivate the audience with a performance that’s as magical as the mythical land it’s named after. With Narnia, you’re not just dancing; you’re weaving a story of beauty and enchantment.

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