Introducing Orchid, the enchanting Latin ballroom costume designed for sizes 6-8. A true floral fantasy, Orchid is adorned with clusters of exquisite three-dimensional orchids on both the front and back, creating a garden of elegance for your dance performance. Light green glass firing delicately hangs from some blooms, as if plucked just for the dance, adding a touch of enchantment.

Orchid doesn’t just capture attention with its floral embellishments—it dazzles with the highest quality Swarovski crystals, both large and small, ensuring you sparkle with every move. The under-panel of the skirt reveals a playful neon pink, adding a whimsical surprise to your dance movements. Orchid’s fabric, a shiny green, enhances visibility, ensuring you shine bright on the dance floor. No pastel colors here—Orchid is a vibrant burst of color and sophistication. Make a statement, make it unforgettable—dance with Orchid.

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